Rates, Rules and Regulations

Rates, Rules and Regulations


  • A. The Regular Golf Season will be from May 1 through Labor Day.


  • A. Golfers must register in the Pro Shop before beginning play.


  • A. Tee times may be made one week in advance.  Saturday for the next Saturday, Sunday for the next Sunday, and so on.  No telephone calls before 7:00 AM.


  • A.   There are equal playing privileges for all members at all times.


  • A. Any child of a Member may use the golf course facilities, if the child meets all of the following three criteria:
    • 1. Is under the age of twenty-three (23) years
    • 2. Is not married
    • 3. Is residing at the Member’s residence, or is a full-time student, or is a Member of the military.
  • (Citing By-Laws at Article II, Section 2.1)
    • B. Children playing under this By-Law section are subject to the additional rules listed at subsections C and D below.
    • C. Junior Golfers:  All children under the age of 18 shall be classified as “Junior Golfers” and are subject to the following rules:
    • 12 through 17 years – must have supervision Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.  Exceptions must have Pro Shop approval.
    • 8 through 11 years – must have adult supervision at all times on the premises and may not play before noon on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.  Exceptions to play before Noon on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays may be granted to Junior Golfers who have passed a playing test given by the Club Golf Professional.
    • Under 8 years – are not allowed on the golf course, Putting Green or driving range, until after 12:00 PM every day and then only under the direct supervision of their parents at all times.
    • Junior Golfers may only participate in tournaments or events designated by the Board of Directors.
    • Children aged 18 through 22 may participate in any tournament or event that is not restricted to Members.
    • Juniors are not allowed to participate in the Men’s & Ladies’ Club Championship events, the Member/Member Tournament, Social Tournaments or any other adult tournaments. Except for the Eclectic and the Member/Member/Guest Tournament.


  • A. Unmarried Grandchildren of Members under the age of 18 years will be permitted to play for the following Green fees:  8 to 14 years $2.00, 15 to 17 years 5.00, and these Grandchildren will be governed by all rules pertaining to play of Junior Golfers and by Rules 7 – A and B pertaining to payment of Guest fees and residence of Guests.
  • B. Other children under the age of 18 years will be governed by all rules pertaining to play of Junior Golfers and by Rule 7 pertaining to payment of Guest fees and residence of guests.


  • A. Green Fees and Guest Passes:
    • 1. Green fees must be paid for all Guests or a Guest pass may be used.  Guest passes may only be used for Guests that play in your tee time.
  • B. Guests of a Member:
    • 1. May 1 through Labor Day weekend:  Guests who live within a 50 mile radius:
      • a. may play anytime Monday through Friday, except holidays, and only with their host Member.
      • b. may play on Saturday and Sunday after 12:00 p.m and only with their host Member.
      • c. may not play more than twice per month.
    • 2. After Labor Day through April 30:  Guests who live within a 50 mile radius:
      • a. may play any day of the week and only with their host Member.
      • b. may not play more than twice per month.
    • 3. The Pro Shop will have a Guest book and keep track of the number of times Guests play each month.
    • 4. Guests of a Member who live outside the 50 mile radius may play at any time with their host Member.
    • 5. Single Members – (Unmarried – Widows – Widowers) may bring one Guest at any time and play golf upon payment of Green fees or use of a Guest pass.
    • 6. If a Member brings a Guest and that Guest violates any rules or regulations, financial or otherwise, management will notify the Member.
    • If there is no response within 30 days the Board will take whatever action necessary to resolve the issue which does not exclude the Club’s prerogative to assess the Member for monetary loss.
  • C. Other Guests:
    • 1. A Non-Member Player, who is not a Guest of a Member, may play at any time, but must live outside the 50 mile radius and belong to a USGA Affiliated Club.  The Pro Shop will insist on seeing a Membership card.
    • 2. A Non-Member Player living within the 50 mile radius, who is not a Guest of a Member, will not be permitted to play at any time with the exception of a reciprocal agreement with Local Clubs or the Non-Member is participating in a Tournament which has been approved by the Board of Directors.
    • 3. Clergy may play on Mondays without paying Green fees.
    • 4. Members of local high school golf teams who have approval of the Board of Directors to play on our Course may play during the week for a fee of $2.00 per player.
    • 5. At the discretion of the head golf professional or the clubhouse manager, an individual or couple interested in buying a membership may play the course at the walk on fee rate. Should the individual or couple purchase a membership within 30 days, they will receive a credit for the walk on fee.


  • A. All groups will be expected to play in a 2 hour per nine hole time limit.
  • B. During regular golf season, a 2-some or a 3-some will be filled out to 4-somes when other Members are available.
  • C. 5-somes and 6-somes will be allowed.  6-somes must take 3 carts. Penalties for going over the 2 hour per nine hole time limit for 5-somes and 6-somes are as follows:
    •   1st Offense:   receive a warning.
    •   2nd Offense: 30 day suspension of 5-some/6-some privileges (to be enforced by Pro Shop).
    •   3rd Offense: Appear before the Board of Directors.
  • D. Slow Play:  Play without undue delay.  Allow faster players to play through if the hole ahead of you is open.


  • A. Proper golf attire is required on the golf course and practice facilities at all times.
    • (1) MEN: Shirts must follow current golf fashions.
    • (2) WOMEN:  Shirts must follow current golf fashions.  Sleeveless shirts without collars must have at least 2-inch shoulders.  There is no specific length requirement on shorts or skirts.
    • (3) Examples of clothing not allowed include:
      • (a) Unhemmed cut-offs
      • (b) Tee shirts, gym shorts, sweat clothing or workout attire
      • (c) Inappropriate wording on any clothing.
  • B. Infractions of the dress code, with failure to comply, will be reported to the Board of Directors and the Board will take appropriate action.


  • A. Renting a Cart
    • 1. The Lessee of a golf cart must have a valid driver’s license.
    • 2. The Lessee of a golf cart is responsible for any damage to the cart and/or the course.
    • 3. No more than two (2) riders permitted on a golf cart, except children under 12.
  • B. Driving Carts
    • 1. Operators of golf carts must have a valid driver’s license.
    • 2. All Golf Carts must be kept on cart paths where provided and must be kept at least 30 feet away from Greens and Tees.
    • 3. Every effort should be made to enter cart paths where they begin at Greens.
    • 4. All golf carts must remain on cart paths on Par 3’s.
    • 5. Parking brakes on golf carts must be set when parked.
  • C. Handicap Flags
    • 1. Handicap flags to be placed on golf carts will be dispensed at the discretion of the Pro Shop.
      • a. Blue Flag allows the cart to be driven within 10 feet of greens, tee box and off cart paths on all par threes.
      • b. Red Flag allows the cart to be driven off cart path on all par threes, adjacent to but not on greens and tee box.  Carts should never be driven across greens or between bunkers and greens.
    • 2. Failure to comply with the above will result in the following:
      • 1st Offense:   receive a warning
      • 2nd Offense:  30 day suspension of cart privileges (to be enforced by Pro Shop).
      • 3rd Offense: Appear before the Board of Directors.
  • D. Pull Carts
    • 1. Pull carts and golf bags are to be kept a minimum of 10 feet from Tees and Greens.  Avoid areas between Sand Traps and Greens.


  • A. Each player is required to have his/her own set of golf clubs.  Two or more players are not permitted to play from one bag.
  • B. Each player is required to wear appropriate golf footwear.  Steel spikes are not permitted.


  • A. No golf lessons may be given on Fairways or Putting Greens except as provided by Professional Staff.


  • A. When stopping between nines, a player or players will lose their turn the next nine and must check with the Pro Shop to be restarted before continuing play.


  • A. Cell phones should be used with discretion and not be a distraction to other players nor cause a delay in play.  Ringtones should be turned off (placed on vibrate).
  • B. No music is allowed on the course or practice area except for electronic devices with ear phones.

15. PETS

  • No pets are allowed in the clubhouse or on the golf course.


  • A. Do not litter on golf club property.  Put all debris in receptacles provided for this purpose.


  • A. All complaints against employees or the operating policies of the Club must be made to the Board of Directors in writing.  No Member will reprimand any employee of the Golf Club.

18. FEES

  • Dues: $165.00 per Month
  • Quarterly Food Minimum:  $90.00 per quarter
    • 1st quarter – January, February, & March
    • 2nd quarter – April, May & June
    • 3rd quarter – July, August & September
    • 4th quarter – October, November & December
  • Handicap: $20.00
  • Locker Rental: Small $15.00    Large $20.00
  • Transfer Fee: $500.00
  • Leasing Fee: $200.00
  • Green Fee: $45.00 with a Member
  • $85.00 walk-on
  • Cart Rentals:   $11.00 – 9 holes
  • $22.00 – 18 holes


  •  A. As a new Member you are not automatically signed up for the “Hole-in-One Club”.  It is the Member’s choice to belong.  If you want to join the “Hole-in- One Club” you must contact the office.  Each family Member who wants to be in the Club must be specifically signed up.
  • B. If you are in the “Hole-in-One Club”, you will be invoiced with the annual dues in January.  The cost is $1 for every hole in one that was made by a Member of the “Hole-in-One Club”.  Each family Member that is signed up for the Club must pay the fee.
  • C. Once you are a Member of the “Hole-in-One Club”, you will remain in the Club unless the Office is specifically notified that you no longer wish to belong.
  • D. If a Member or a family Member is in the “Hole-in-One Club” a bar tab is automatically opened when a Hole-in-One is made.
  • The Hole-in-One must be reported at the end of the 9 holes that it was made.
    If a Member does not report as specified, they will forfeit any benefit from the insurance.
    Wait staff will not solicit non-Members for drinks.
    Any Member and their Guest may sign for a drink by listing their name and their Membership number.
    Any monies left over from the insurance/drink tab will revert to the Member making the Hole-in-One.
    E. If a person is not in the “Hole-in-One Club”, it is their choice whether or not to open a bar tab upon making a Hole-in-One, and it is their obligation to pay the bar tab.


Members who are on the delinquent list will have their playing privileges suspended.  A $25 delinquent fee will be charged any Member after 30 days past due. An additional delinquent charge will be charged every month until the original delinquent charge or balance due is paid.



All areas of this club with the exception of the clubhouse and parking lot will be closed 1 hour after sunset until 1 hour before sunrise.  Any non-Member or Member in violation of this could be considered trespassing and could be so charged.

The clubhouse dining room will be closed no later than11:00 PM on any given evening, excluding a scheduled function that may go past 11:00 PM.  No Member or non-Member may remain in the clubhouse after the clubhouse closes.


The foregoing golfing rules and regulations were revised by the Rules and Tournament Committee and adopted by the Board of Directors on February 18, 2019.